Finding Flow In Life and At Work

This morning, my mind was a swirling, chattering, babbling mass of To Dos, all clamoring for my attention, like a bunch of lunatic, caterwauling animals. The result? I sat at the breakfast table staring into my coffee cup, crippled by indecision. All of the To Dos were important. How would I ever get them all done? A day of multi-tasking sounded hideous. Finding flow seemed impossible.

Solo open mic Wild Ass Hey Barn

It’s A Honky Tonk Thang – My First Solo Open Mic

On a Friday night in Kerrville, Texas, I was at my momma’s house getting ready to go to the honky tonk, just as I have hundreds of other times. Going through my normal “going to the tonk” process, I pulled on my blue jeans and cowboy boots and made my hair bigger than usual, extra hair spray. I was looking forward to hearing some live music by south Texas local musicians. Except there was one major difference this Friday night—this time, I was one of the musicians performing, at my first solo open mic.

Texas honky tonk? On a packed Friday night? Performing in front of country music loving two-steppers, by myself? Holy frackin’ shit.