Ode To New Socks

Yesterday, I bought a brand new pair of socks. It was love at first sight. The socks brought a message from the universe…..

You’re beautiful, don’t change.

This simple message from the socks knocked my socks right off. Well, except I wasn’t wearing socks at the time. I was wearing flip flops. But you get the point.

How is it that two small pieces of fabric had the power to make me internalize this message? The very message that people closest to me have already been telling me? A message I haven’t been able to hear.

Lately, I’ve been busy telling myself I’m damaged, flawed, seriously screwed up. That I need a professionally guided repair program to fix me. This is because someone close to me has been treating me like crap and bringing me down. Way down.

It’s great to want to continually grow, to evolve. And yet, telling yourself every day that you are damaged goods isn’t healthy.

It’s also really important to eliminate toxic energy in your life.

I read “You’re beautiful, don’t change.” And I felt a weight come off of me. A huge smile spread across my face, right there in the sock store. And I thought, “Oh, that’s what my loved ones have already been telling me.”

Sometimes you just need a new pair of socks to get the message.

3 thoughts on “Ode To New Socks”

  1. Please keep writing…please keep taking photos…you are a unique human being! It has been my pleasure to have been around you,sing with you & read your insights. Enjoy your life, share your thoughts,…I would encourage you to ‘stay strong’, but you already are…peace

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