Today, Tell Your Brain To Take a Hike

Lately, I’ve been inside my head. Dwelling on past hurts and thinking I need to fix me. Maybe the Idaho clouds are to blame. It’s been a gloomy winter.

Today, I told my brain to give it a rest and take a hike. I threw on my backpack and hit the trail with my favorite person. It was cold, windy, and muddy. Snow and dark clouds hit us and we wondered why we hadn’t checked the weather first. Still, the wild weather and solitude hit the spot. We saw no one else on the trail except for a huge herd of whitetail deer.

Cobb Trail

Sometimes, you have to get outside and hit the trail no matter the weather. The wind and movement clear your head. You’re cold but can’t stop looking at the view, the beauty found even in wintertime.

When your head is spinning and your spirits are spiraling, take it to nature. The outdoors. The trail.

It’s good medicine.

It’s cold!

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