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Hi! I’m Michelle Parsons. Thanks for stopping by! I’m a Boise-based, Texas-raised traveler and explorer. My favorite things are hiking by a river, traveling to a new destination, listening to live music, and playing guitar and singing, preferably all in one day ending at a microbrewery.

We all have passions that call us, things we haven’t tried for a variety of reasons. I believe the main reason we don’t pursue a passion (anything from a career change to learning how to backpack) is simply because we don’t know where to start. We’re also afraid we won’t get it perfect the first time. What if I try something and it doesn’t go great? What if I finally pursue that dream and it isn’t all rainbows and daisies and easy peasy?

For pretty much my whole life, writing, outdoor adventures, traveling, and music have called me. In 2017, I decided to quit screwing around and explore my passions full-time. I quit my Technology job in Denver and started Just A Blog Away. This blog is about showing people how much fun it is to try something new, even when it doesn’t go smoothly. It’s not all sugar-coated dances in the park, but real adventures of the trail and spirit which are infinitely more rewarding!

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